Hospital thinking..

. I have read articles talking about how taking and/or sharing photos of your children on social media, etc. while they are sick is inappropriate or disrespectful to them. I used to think that, too. But now, sitting here sometimes letting my mind wander, thinking the worst, I wonder if these photos will serve as one more precious memory in his life that seems to have a possible early expiration date. What if this was the last time someone was able to be with their child and they didn’t have any photos to help their memory?

I also feel like this is just one more thing that is a feature of his special life. His life will consist of regular hospital visits. His life will be filled with medical procedures and treatments. It’s as much a part of his life as school is for our typical kiddos.

I’m pretty sure Bennett will get through this one, this time, but who knows how much more he can handle in his future.


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