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Parenting a Medically Fragile Child

 I’m TIRED. I’m going to be real. Taking care of a disabled and medically fragile child is exhausting- physically, emotionally, and mentally. I literally fe like I’m constantly trying to keep him alive. I’m always on high alert. He coughs and I keep across the room to suction him so he doesn’t choke. I contemplate calling 911 almost daily because I JUST CAN’T ANYMORE and I need help, but I usually hold off and manage to straighten him out before it’s absolutely necessary. I have al most all of the equipment they would treat him with in the hospital, next to an intubation kit(who knows? That might be next 😭). I have NO medical education, training, or professional experience, yet here I am, my skittish self who is afraid of anything “gross”, daily performing medical tasks that I NEVER in a million years thought I could do. I deep suction like it’s handing my toddler cheerios. I perform the jobs of respiratory therapists, nurses, and occupational therapists (although poorly😂) everything