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The Isolation of a Special Needs Family

   Having a special needs child is isolating in the best of times, but it’s like living on a deserted island with no way out in the times of a pandemic.    When COVID 19 became a worldwide pandemic situation and our entire country went into lockdown, I was both scared to death and relieved. I was relieved to have my family with me and know that I could keep them safe, but scared that we would reach a point one day that I wouldn’t be able to do that anymore. Having a medically fragile child means that you already are always cautious about their health and do everything you possibly can to make sure they stay healthy, because even a common cold becomes an ambulance ride and weeks in the hospital ICU ward.    On top of wanting to keep my child safe, I also worry for myself and my husband’s safety. What happens to Bennett if we’re sick or even hospitalized? Who will take care of him? We are the only two people who know how to care for him and operate his medical equipment. There is